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Personal 8 Week Mentorship on Astrology

  • 1 hour
  • 250/Week for 8 Weeks
  • Online Session

Service Description

This mentorship is designed for clients who want an education on Astrology, to become practicing Astrologers. Together we will have 8 recorded video call sessions (or Prerecorded videos, depending on your schedule). You will be able to tailor the types of information you want to learn most, such as reading Natal Charts or creating Horoscopes. The philosophy Jax uses in teaching astrology is learning intuition and conceptual understanding of the astrological Archetypes and learning through the socratic method instead of the classic education method of memorization. He will insist that you step out of your comfort zone and attempt application of astrology each time you learn a new idea. This way you will begin to develop experience with each and every lesson. The mentorship will start with a Natal chart reading and an unpacking of how you can identify the patterns of the current astrology for the rest of the signs over the following two months. The mentorship will give you a thorough understanding of all of the basics. Your only designated assignments will be to practice on more charts to integrate what you’ve learned. For those extremely passionate about learning as much as they can as fast as they can, I will, on demand, create extra assignments and challenges that will give you the most potent tool of all, which is, how to think like an astrologer when viewing the houses, planets and signs. At the end of the mentorship Jax will create a 1 year personal forecast for you. You will have unlimited question contact during this mentorship via text or email.

Contact Details

(702) 736-4490

Las Vegas, NV USA

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