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Energy Work: Energy Scans

  • 30 minutes
  • 150 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

These readings can be done via phone, text, or email. They require a current unfiltered selfie with no other people in the picture. I prefer to be able to see your eyes. During this service I scan your personal energy and look for any areas of concern. I am not medically diagnosing you, as that can only be done by a doctor and medical tests. I will identify areas of concern either physically, energetically, or psychically that I find. If it is an area of physical concern I will recommend follow up with your PCP. If areas of concern are identified energetically or psychically I will recommend the appropriate services to aide with those. If there is nothing of concern I will note this. All energy work is phone based except when noted then they can be done via text also. Please allow 1.5 hours of time to complete the session although time spent may be less depending on your energy. It is highly recommended you schedule this session when you can remain undisturbed for the entire session. You will need a place that allows you to lay down or sit relaxed for the entire session without interruption.

Contact Details

(702) 736-4490

Las Vegas, NV USA

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