Star Walker Oracle

Welcome to Starwalker Oracle, come join me for a walk amongst the stars.
My name is Emma and I’ve always known I’ve been different and often felt not from this realm.
Enchanted by mystical beings, fairies, magic and symbolism for most of my life and being a triple
water Goddess, it’s no surprise that the cards called me.
In 2018, I began my deep dive into the unknown depths of my soul, jumped through portals and expanded my knowledge in so many areas of spiritual growth from energy healing, astrology through to Human Design and history on Mu, Avalon and Atlantis. I was always drawn back to reading cards and sharing Spirit messages and in 2020 found my passion in sharing these oracle
messages with others.
I intuitively read the cards to bring messages from Spirit to help you empower yourself towards
living your best life. I am excited to share my gifts to provide insights and oracle guidance to those
on a spiritual path.