Spiritual Body Builder

Nahum Justin Vizakis has been an Astrologer for 6 years. Through a myriad of unique life experiences, Nahum brings a blend of perspectives while channeling the energies of the planets to guide you on your path.
Nahum served in the U.S. Army as a Bomb Disposal Technician for ten years, he has been a competitive athlete his entire adult life, worked with plant medicines and healers from all over the world to catalyze a comprehensive multi faceted approach to navigating life challenges emotionally, physically, nutritionally, spiritually and financially.
Nahum is a Biohacker, Healer, Athlete, Shaman, Astrologer, Plant Medicine advocate, he lives his life in service to others that resonate with his energy to transform, grow, become inspired to inspire others!
Nahum has developed a system of transformation from 22 years of experience that brings an evolutionary philosophy and system to you that will guide you through your deepest times of change. Let’s transform together and discover how to take action in our own unique way to do our part to change humanity. The world needs you to stand in your power, let’s do this! Contact