Sharon Andrea

Independent, autonomous, and has progressive ideas.
Weaknesses: an unusual, rebellious and revolutionary spirit.
Aquarius with a Sagittarius Ascendant
Confident, charismatic, and lively. She can be opinionated, restless, and stubborn, but also bright and ready for an experience. Hopefully, there is strong Earth in the chart to help ground her. Full of ideas, but not always ready to follow through on them. She is independent but friendly. Freedom means everything to her. She celebrates the individual and is a true humanitarian. Can be an excellent teacher or guide. She loves to enlighten others. Sometimes blunt in her desire for truth.

Sharon incarnated with a special gift to read energy and has been conducting readings for over 25 years. Her ability to read energy is with a high accuracy that is passed on from & thru Generational Healers & Advisors from the island of Jamaica, Europe and many regions of Africa. She is a very detailed Reader who dives right in from the very beginning if requested.

Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient abilities - She has a gift to feel and hear thoughts and conversations from the past and the present.
She will Connect with your Higher Self, Your Future Selves, Twin Soul Higher Self, Your Ancestors, Source Creator, and Whatever guidance You are meant to receive
She is also on a Twin Soul Path as an Empathic reader, Healer, Medium, past life regression with looking into your past lives connecting with your Higher Self , Spirit Guides, Angels, & Ascended Masters. My healing involves healing for each soul and there are times when I speak in Ancient dialects/languages

Twin Soul Readings- Ability to read and interpret the energy in 5D of what shows up between You are Your Connection(s) & or Sacred Spiritual Partnership. In Sessions I dive very deeply into the Higher Perspective first and then address the multilayered perspectives of past & present 3D timelines to present clarity for one to recognize what shows up for their personal healing and interpretation of what is to balance between you and your Twin

Past Life Sessions/Regression - Approach to past life Regression is diving in deep to all of your main timelines that are repeating in cycles for you to address for healing and/or shifting
Medium - Connect to Loved Ones who have transitioned and/or Crossed over
Healer - May sometimes engage in Sound Healings, Speaking in Ancient Tones
Scanning the Mental body, Etheric Body, Spirit Body & Physical body to be in awareness for healing
Dream interpretation - gift of dream interpretations whether it is a sleeping or waking dream.
Financial. Family struggles, Relationships guidance, children, Mothers, Fathers, Male, Female, Same sex, Heterosexual connections, Outer Planetary, etc. No judgement, and You are Not going and/or crazy!
Pet Readings
Spiritual Mentoring/Coaching or just to talk
I AM Affirmations are used to help others to shift to newer timelines and release blocks
Humor may be a part of the sessions that comes thru Spirit with messages to lighten the energy. The more open You are the greater the flow of the messages

Mantra from Sharon Andrea - I love and live life to the fullest. I love helping people to heal and put a smile on your face. I am humorous,down to earth and love to have fun, love love dancing, love music, no nonsense and straight up. My approach is with love and joy & my greatest desire is that each person I meet shall be helped and our contact is harmonized and that all activities shall be made prosperous and complete for each and every one. That what ever words are spoken is healing for you automatically and blessings rests upon you

Readings are offered via Telephone, Skype, or Messenger calling. No chat or email readings. Contact