Quirky Cosmo

A little Quirky with a Dash of the Cosmos and you got KerriAnn the Quirky Cosmo.
It is my goal to assist those that are ready to elevate their awareness, unprogram b.s. systems and inspire you to dive deeper into your heart's genius.
As a Multi-Dimensional Celestial Healer it is my calling to assist in alchemizing the Inner-genetics of
peoples mentally, emotionally and physical bodies.
Utilizing & synthesizing the Gene Keys, Esoteric & Quantum Astrology, Human Design, Intuition,
Claircognizant, Clairsentience, Cellular Telepathy, Keylontic BioRegenesis and Celestial Sound
Alchemy. I perform a myriad of shamanic healings, psychic surgery, akashic recovery and remote
I'm here living my life's journey one day at a time, assisting soul families along the way with practical
ascension tools and a light sense of humor, to bring balance to all that I can.
I welcome soul families into my fields to expand their DNA frequencies, Heal Karmic Mental patterns and
give people the emotional support and tools to become their own inner-genetic healer.
Quirky Cosmo. Contact