Natanhna Morales

I AM a Metaphysician, Empath, Channeler, Energy Reader/Healer, GodDess Self-Love Mentor, Retreat & Play-Shop Facilitator, and a reflection to Know ThySelf. I have been working/playing in these fields for over 16 years now and loving it.

My name is Natanhna, I AM The Empowerment GodDess. At the young age of 18, I realized that I didn't enjoy the person I was. I was full of anger, blame, shame, victimhood, and a lack of health. Because that was not the person I desired to be, I dove head-first into self-help practices, mindfulness practices, spirituality, self discovery, and new ways of connecting with life.
After the death of 9 loved ones, in one year's time, I dove into existentialism, not by choice. It was the hardest time in my adult life. You could even call it years of the " dark night of the soul". I have been through many hard times, but nothing so deep as that.
I came to healing after those deaths with exercise, self help, mindset work, embodiment, mental health specialists, and mindfulness coaches. I have come so far! Thankfully, I already had tools of self-help, spirituality, and self-love for healthy transformation to assist in a body, mind, and spiritual way. I have transformed through so many things and helped others who are in the trenches of self war! I can love myself and show up for myself in the most empowered ways now, and I feel so free. I AM so thankful for self-healing and thankful to help each and every single one of you.
I support like-minded women who are ready to be seen, heard, supported, loved, and take responsibility for where they are, right in this moment. Men, never feel alone. I also offer energy reading/healing sessions as well, if you would love to work with me.