Mykra Vinity

Liz Felix aka Mykra Vinity; is an Angelic Practitioner and Toltec Shaman. She is a very truthful and down to earth being. She’s also the owner to Mykra Vinity. She is also featured on Spirit Therapy Radio. Mykra has also adopted the names “the Sandman and Yoda.” Sandman for her calm and soothing energy work, that will relax you to the point you will feel sleepy. While with her adopting the name Yoda for her wisdom.

She has knowledge in a few different practices. Mykra is very multi talented when it comes to her work. She can channel from a basic message; to a loved one along with Galactics. She has a one to one course that’s customized to you as everyone is on their own journey. She has a few different specialties such as Jseal removal, Energetic specialist/healer, Psychic medium, Galactic Channeler, Oracle/Tarot reader, Past life regression, Intuitive guidance coach, Remote viewing and much more. She also has her online store where she sales crystals, spiritual body products, candles and much more. Contact