Lilac Ocean

I was born in raised and raised in New Orleans, where the Spirits of the dead walk among the living. Spirituality and mysticism is ingrained in our daily rituals. I’ve always accepted that the spiritual world was very real but having three separate important spiritual awakenings led me to my personal spiritual path.

I began reading tarot in 2008 , later that year I experienced my first dark night of the soul. In 2015 I discovered my natal chart and had a different type of spiritual awakening. I have been consistently reading tarot since 2015. In 2019 I gave birth during my cancer nodal return and fully accepted my gifts.

I am an intuitive tarot reader/healer. I specialize in divine union/ twin flame readings, but I can read on any subject. I consider myself an Angel of Love, and tapped into the energies of divine unions. Besides love readings I can read life purpose, spiritual gifts, or any other subject you want to look into. Uranus touches 3 of my personal planets as well as my ascendant, I’ve always has unusual spiritual experiences and nothing really shocks me anymore. With your permission I can’t wait to turn and see what divine messages I can channel for you. Contact