Li High Pri

I am a Natural Mystic | Reiki Seichem & Violet Flame Master Teacher | Meditation
Teacher | Prophetess | Priestess | Energy Alchemist | Herbal Alchemist | Ritual Crafter |
Spirit Guide | Augury

I am naturally gifted in prophetic dreams, claircognisance, clairvoyance, clairsentience,
and Augury (prophetic diving of the future from observation of nature/ natural
occurrence- particularly birds) I also have a BSc (Hons) in Psychology
I know that we all have the ability to heal, and awaken to our own truest & highest
potential ourselves. There is nothing outside of ourselves that we require. I also know
that sometimes and at some point in our journey, particularly during challenging times,
crisis moment and dark nights of the souls, that we need someone to hold space. My intention is provide this sacred space where all of you welcome and to support you
with your healing and development in a holistic way that aids you in coming back into
alignment. Honouring both the Light & Shadow within you
I current offer Oracle Consultations and Reiki Seichem & Violet Flame Healing both in
person and distance healing for those overseas or who cannot travel.