Kayla Delanoy

Kayla Delanoy came to earth to heal, and help others heal by sharing her own experiences as well as channel new source coding and activations.
After a remembrance and soul activation in Moab in 2015, her story disappeared and a new mission became clear.
Kayla then studied and was certified in Herbalism, Quantum Healing modalities, Reiki, Akashic Records readings, Human Design & Gene Keys, as well as Astrology, and Communication Systems.
Deepening her experiences led her to her Native American ancestral roots in the Appalachians. There she learned the spiritual practices of the indigenous tribes of North & South America. The remembering of the old traditions, blended with the new energies ignited an even deeper awareness of the lineages we hold and the trauma we carry to clear out in this lifetime.
Kayla continues to go deeper into the Akashic with her clients for a 360 holistic healing approach to remove blocks, activate potentials, and help her clients remember who they really are at a soul level. Contact