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"Elysia is a highly intuitive empath whose ability is quite strong at detecting others energy, as well as the energy beneath problems, blocks, and issues that others may be facing. Elysia spent the first 15 years of her life in a custody battle with her parents, often not knowing why she felt so intensely even if certain situations were not happening directly to her, but instead someone else in her family. Without realizing it, she was processing and healing trauma from those in her family and didn’t know why she felt so heavy. She felt as if there was no space for her emotions so she had to cater to others to be loved. Being highly sensitive, she often felt (and was told) that she was too much. She felt as if her emotions were too big for her to even handle, let alone navigate. After spending her life on self improvement (with her taking her first seminar at five years old), she has read many books, and attended many transformational events from Wayne Dyer, to Tony Robins, to doing extensive work with PSI seminars and completing all of their courses while working as a Life Coach in their PLD program for 3 years which she saw incredible results. She coached her mentees to their first home, their first child, healing marriages, healing relationships with children, someone’s first million dollar listing in real estate, and has worked with people from all walks of life and seen incredible results, from students, to single moms, to real estate agents, to successful engineers and top performing businessmen. She is able to tap into a person and connect to their blocks right away to get to the root of any issue.

However, during this period she had been through several long term yet challenging relationships. She dealt with a lot of toxic behavior, mental, emotional, and financial abuse, and even narcissistic behavior from a partner. After several long term and deeply painful breakups she decided to do a deep dive in “Inner Child” therapy as well as studying feminine and masculine energies as it pertained to conscious relationships, In addition she studied many ancient rituals and healing modalities. During this time she released two books “I AM Woman Enough” and “Freedom and Feminism” – both collaborations with over 20 women and their stories to help heal the world and the Divine Feminine.

After a few years of studying this she decided to become a Totlec Shaman under her mentor. After doing this, she started to realize, actualize, and then materialize her true power. Her innate power, her inner power, and true wisdom. Since then she has been able to cultivate a life and relationships that help her thrive because she knows how to navigate emotions and honor herself and others to create desire results. She has managed to connect with and directly channel messages from her higher self, thus allowing her to create the life she wants that supports her in living her fullest potential. She is determined to spread this knowledge to people, yet especially women and children. Her goal is to truly empower everyone she touches with the divine feminine wisdom she has been bestowed with. She wants to show those who are interested, how to create this connection for yourself so you can navigate the life you deserve."

Elysia Johnson