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Cosmic Drugz

Courtnee, better known as Cosmic Drugz started off her spiritual journey back in 2012 after almost dying on the operating table during an emergency open heart surgery. After experiencing her first Near Death Experience she met her guides for the first time who told her, “She had a responsibility to help the people on earth Level Up”.
Capricorn Sun/Aquarius Moon/ Pisces rising/ with heavy 11th House energy, she’s has a great passion for helping others find themselves: Know Thyself.
She can relate to every aspect of your souls deepest level and bring you to a mindset that will create successful endeavors for your present and future. Through extensive listening and understanding she provides peace of mind and empowerment for everyone that she has the opportunity to work closely with. She can connect you with your highest self by decoding the blue print of your souls journey. She will transmute your souls blueprint into guidance for you to maneuver your way through this souls incarnation. She blends magick, mysticism, art and wisdom of Astrology to help guide you on Planet Earth.
She has a strong team of guides on her side that are willing to help aid & transform anyone that comes in contact with her. Contact