Christie Aphrodite

In 2007, after 35 years in and out of hospitals, Christie Aphrodite began her quest as a Whole-istic Health Coach upon discovering Mother Nature is more intelligent and competent than Man. This realization motivated her to embark on a lifelong mission to implement her newfound knowledge and "naturally" heal herself and others from numerous so-called incurable diseases. Over the ensuing years, Christie has shared her ever-expanding knowledge through written word, videography, and as host of her Soul Journeys Radio show, a program that took a strong stand against the machine resulting in its ultimate banishment from the internet archives.

Many who witnessed her tumultuous path have shared their profound appreciation for her products and work by providing extensive and detailed personal testimonials.

Christie is also the Creator of My True Essence and the Ozarks Church of Nature and Magical Food Forest. She nurtures and harvests several hundred plant species, a community garden, and a free library. Being an expert at Medicine-Making and other often-overlooked Shamanic Arts, she shares her (not so) secret techniques and knowledge through what she calls "Soul Medicine Coaching Sessions." Christie is so passionate about "The Lost Arts of the Domestic Goddess" that she even ventured into a several-year journey to the underworld to gain insight about how to assist others in realizing their power for Self-Healing. Christie wants all of humanity to know that our world is a magical cornucopia of healthful abundance that is ripe for the picking once you know where to find it (and what to do with it). She also believes anyone can overcome anything, and nothing makes her happier than seeing people grow in mind, body, and spirit! She also gains immense fulfillment in expressing her love for pure alchemy by taking a tiny seed and turning it into a hearty and nourishing meal for loved ones or smelly-good, healing medicine for those in need. Christie is profoundly aware of the many worlds within this one physical existence in which we find ourselves. She envisions a day when we can all awaken to our ability to create the existence that we Author.

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