Candice is an INTUITIVE+HOLISTIC Hair Stylist, Healer & Tarot Card Reader.

Growing up right outside of New York City, Candice was always aware, even as a child of the energies left behind by ancestral trauma. New Jersey land is so rife with the battles from the beginning of this country and being 1/4 Lenape, Candice always felt that push pull vibe of the people around her, reincarnation, what can she say. She grew up working in Manhattan as an actor and eventually settled in Brooklyn where she lived for many years as an artist with her 2 dogs. She’d studied astrology starting at the age of 12 and always had a satchel of rocks with her which didn’t really make her super popular, LOL, but, it was just her thing and after many many years of classes, healing sessions, pilgrimages and self exploration she came out to the world as the Intuitive Healer she is. She now lives in beautiful Arizona, so close to the Red Rocks and VORTEXES, using tarot, reiki, Earth Magic cards, dreams and deep intuition to offer her services to the world. She can guide you in inner and outer beauty and she is so grateful to serve.
A very big concept that I base my practice on is: The energy of the mind is the essence of the soul. The more you seek to know, the higher your vibration can go. Your Unique Essence is the key to fully illuminating your soul. Contact