Blue Flame Integration

Welcome to Blue Flame Integration. This has been quite the journey that we have been on. I started my Youtube channel in 2017. After finishing college, I began this journey to self discovery and what I have found along the way was that God had been divinely orchestrating this journey since 2005. Over the past 16 years many souls have come and gone from my life to teach me valuable life lessons that I count it all joy. The spiritual gifts bestowed on me from the creator are invaluable to the collective and they are a gift from the Divine to you. I am a heyoka empath, I had developed my intuitive gifts with channeling the holy spirit. I am an energy reader, and I have used tarot cards as a visual illustration of past, present, and future events to come.. I also use tarot cards as a tool to help others navigate their path to their highest timeline, and clear up confusion they may be feeling or experiencing. I look forward to meeting and working with each one of you.
Love and Light always,
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