Astro Pluto Queen

Kay M. Jay, also known as "Astro Pluto Queen, is a professional astrologer who
utilizes psychology and spirituality to teach, inspire, and guide individuals into an
understanding of how cosmic occurrences shed light on the persona and life’s experiences.
Her readings are conversational and therapeutic in nature, designed to uncover the
conscious, subconscious, and unconscious experiences within clients with the intent to
empower, prepare, and equip clients to navigate the world with clarity and accuracy.
She discovered astrology as a psychology student and began her spiritual practice in
April 2017. after receiving instruction from multiple master astrologers, as well as mastering
astrology in her own time. Before growing clientele, Kay spent time studying and sharing her
knowledge online in cosmic communities relating to relationships, celebrities, parenting,
trends in pop culture, and historical events. She has ten years of experience as a mentor,
minister, student, and teacher in faith-based communities. In 2015, she received her
Associate's Degree in Social Sciences. In 2017, Kay then earned her Bachelor's Degree in
Psychology. Currently, she is a full-time astrologer placing emphasis on empowering
individuals towards self-mastery by coaching clients during in-depth natal chart services,
preparing the collective through predictive astrology, and cultivating healthy partnerships
with her passion for relationship astrology–her main expertise.
Lastly, Pluto's services include Tarot & Oracle card consultations for psychic insight
and to connect with loved ones who have transitioned into the next life. Kay’s practical and
insightful approach to esoteric and occult knowledge is the purpose behind her mantra of,
"Uncover your cosmic purpose." Contact