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Astro Fenixx

Keep Moving Forward. Stay Focused. Smile Often. That is the mantra of Jamaal Pope, AKA "Astro Fenixx". Though he started actively studying and walking his spiritual path in 2014, Jamaal has always had a deep connection with the divine and subtle realms of reality. As a kid, he had incredibly intense dreams, many of which ended in night terrors. He was able to teach himself how to lucid dream and astral project as a way to overcome those nightmares. He always had an interest in the stars and the planets, becoming really inspired by a meteor shower he saw as a kid, as well as multiple dreams of him being an astronaut in space. Once he learned of his Pisces Moon and Sun in the 12th house, everything began to click. It all made sense now. It wasn't just his imagination, or if anything, his imagination was the very gift he was given, and therefore, he wishes to give back. Jamaal has several years of experience and an extensive YouTube presence. A writer, anime lover, Pokemon fanatic, and he hopes, a wonderful husband; in Jamaal Pope you will discover an awesome friend that you never knew you had. Contact