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Astara inrstelr

Thomas Sochowicz his given name by birth, Astara Inrstelr’s first memory was surfing a ray of light down to earth from out within the Cosmos…

For a time his mission, and divine memories were lost, most of his divine memories upon incarnating. Thomas was blessed to incarnate with a Starseed of a soul song within his heart, creating a deep longing to return to his Galactic home, and remember his part within the Cosmic orchestra. In 2012, a Kundalini near Mt Shasta, looking up at the Stars he remembered his ability to interpret the light and language of the Stars, remembering his Galactic Origins. They said, you must travel to the Island of the Sun in Peru for December 21st. This led to years of even deeper initiations with Paqo Elders of the Andes, Mystics, Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Alchemy, Tantra, and other Divine Sciences.

In March of 2020, Astara Inrstelr went through a near death and rebirth experience where Eaglewomen reawakened his spiritual gifts that had been oppressed as a child, and bringing his Avatar into his physical vessel. This ignited his reconnection to his lineage back to the Atlantean Order of Astara and the Founders Council of Lyra. Since the dawn of the Aquarian age December 21 in 2020, Thomas has been progressively surrendering to his mission as a node for the activation of the Sophia Christ Collective on this planet to usher in the new Golden Age. Thomas work now is primarily Psychically diving into people Soul Grids, Auric Fields and Akashic to transmute trauma, programming, and conditioning, and realigning their template to the organic divine blueprint, assisting in reconnecting them with God-source, along with their highest timeline. He has been a guest on a number of podcasts, is also working on his first book and music album, classes, events and retreats, sharing the Cosmic divine guidance received to debut in time. Contact