Ascension Diaries

Psychic Intuitive Medium with a flair for the eccentric, and ancient galactic community service.

My Public Service day job is a Space Weather and Schumann Resonance public researcher. Aiming for the global awakening to electromagnetic frequencies.

I’ll help you activate and seek guidance from Source through my cards and visions. I’m prepared to support those really wanting to jump into their magical, cosmic, and empowered lives.

I connect to the Angelic Mission.
I’m a Libra Sun, in both Vedic and Tropical.
Vedic or Sidreal Moon in Capricorn, Pisces Rising.
Tropical Moon in Aquarius and Aries Rising.
My number is 9
I’m a 4/6, manifesting generator, and a cheerleader veteran. I love all secret space program and cosmic drama and I’m constantly posting on social media about space weather and topics of consciousness. Enjoy my Instagram @ascensiondiaries Contact