Aquarius Roberts

Aquarius Roberts is a certified Metaphysical Practitioner and C.E.O. of Divinity Unleashed. He knew at a young age that he had a heart for helping others and hoped one day he would be blessed to inspire others with the gift of Spirit. This hope indeed came to fruition. Today he has completed over 4,000 accurate readings. He looks forward to helping uplift international frequencies, bring balance, truth, and clarity to the community.

"In this world, as we journey into the unknown, sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads. We get confused about what to do next in relationships, career, family, self-growth, etc. Other times we need sound advice in order to make the best decision we can. This was me on my cosmic journey to adulthood and a master of my reality. I experienced several areas of life that I had to make sense of. As I grew more mature in my late 20's, I finally came to a point where I had to stop ignoring what Spirit wanted of me and turn the other way. It was a long journey to get to this point. And often there were times along the way where I questioned whether or not I was on the right path, but regardless of the difficulty or confusion I experienced, I continue to have faith in what spirit has in store for me. As I continue to help others and see them manifest their goals, change their lives for the better, and create their own works, I take great pride in knowing that spirit has full control of it all."
-Aquarius Roberts

*Certified Metaphysical Practitioner
*Certified Tarot Practitioner
*Certified Astrologer
*Certified Counselor
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