Aquarian High Priestess

Karen Lynn Croney is a Channel by birth and a Shaman by nature. Her gift has been handed down through generations, as her Grandmother, the closest person to her life as a child, was born with a silk veil over her face. This veil is a very rare and potent omen. A symbol of being able to see through the veil in this time space reality. Karen has developed her gifts through meditation methods and through her own “Soul Transformations”. This experience taught her that her pain and past programming were not her problems, but rather hold sacred treasure for her expansion and the key to her life’s treasures. She developed the ability to alchemize her +1000 clients’ (as well as her own) awakening, awareness and healing with some of her very own methods and channeling higher truths and guidance. Over her 20 year journey Karen has helped so many with her gifts not only as a Seer, but to bring her visions into practical and profound protocols to treat specific challenges for her clients. Her abilities to channel source, spirit guides, angels and all light beings are a major part of her work in serving her clients.I implement diverse methods as an advocate for those who are seeking assistance in gaining intellectual support and guidance into soul growth which includes personal and social development. I am a firm believer in knowing thyself and the different areas of self is the key to understanding our own unique vibrations and unlocking our truest and highest potential.

A very big concept that I base my practice on is: The energy of the mind is the essence of the soul. The more you seek to know, the higher your vibration can go. Your Unique Essence is the key to fully illuminating your soul.

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