Amylia Jayne Blackfeather

I, Amylia Jayne Blackfeather, have been psychic since I was a child. I would have premonitions, dream future events and even draw pictures of significant people that would come into my family’s lives. I was often visited by Angels & High Beings, where I was shown lessons and the role I would play at this pivotal time through dreams in what I’ve grown to call “The Dream School”. As a young adult, having had no one to guide me regarding my gifts, I was suppressing with drugs and alcohol. At the age of 24, I moved to Holland to work for the world’s largest legal magic mushroom farm along with the Church of Mushrooms. While I was there, I ate copious amounts of cyanessence for 3 days on end. I was on a mission to unravel deep cosmic mysteries. On the 3rd day during this trip, I stared into the sun for a long period of time and left my body for 30 days. I traveled into the Sun and spoke with Ra. I was ushered in and out of worlds by dolphins being shown lessons and ways that I could assist humanity in awakening. When I returned to my body, I was extremely psychic. I could hear people’s thoughts if they were talking out loud. If I looked into a person’s eyes, I would get an instant download, a sort of movie like feature that would play in my head with all the person’s traumas, dramas and wounds. I also discovered that I have dolphin like sonar, where I can view blockages in a person’s energy field. I could sense and feel into any situation anywhere and discover the authentic Truth. I have studied many advanced shamanic tools and methods for deep soul work to heal myself and others. In my quest to activate my Higher Self and download new psychic awareness, many new gifts and abilities have popped up over the years such as Pyrokenisis! It of course was my childhood dream to be “The Fire Starter.” After becoming attuned to Holy Fire Reiki, I directed this energy very intensely to clean up a nearby meth house with a child inside, which then caught fire and was discovered and dismantled the next day. Over the last 17 years, I have harnessed many abilities and am thrilled to be of service to humanity in the Ascension process.