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Ophanim Sirian Water Recoding Activation

Ophanim Sirian Water Recoding Activation

As Jupiter makes its way into Pisces, new templates for the Aquarian heart, solar plexus and nervous system (also reset and anchored in this activation)  make their way into new physical and etheric water. It is the water which holds all memories of the Akashic, we are made of Liquid Crystals!

This Activation Meditation is working mainly with the Sirian Dophin / Cetacean Ophanim blue / teal ray consciousness and the Solar Rishis to clear and transmute distortion / miasma within physical and etheric water bodies, chakras, and auric fields utilizing higher dimensional light, light language, sound and energy coding. Then setting in the new templates for your own unique purest and highest organic timeline water coding across all dimensions and timelines.

The music / sonic alchemy in the background is all original Astara Inrstelr composition, if you enjoy the musical track, keep an ear out for separate musical releases coming this summer on Inrstelr Records.


Astara Inrstelr

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