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You Are Protected

It’s time this week to look at what is holding you back from sharing your voice.

Some of us live according to our intuition and the guidance of the elders. This connection occurs when we are connected to our higher selves and living in our truth or our joy. Only in extreme cases of needed protection will you feel them otherwise. These higher dimensional beings believe in harmony and love and you may not hear them when you are full of self hate or being hateful to others. In saying that, there may be things you have to adjust this week. Let go of following the crowd if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t force yourself to be recognized. Feel the grief of not being included but don’t adjust yourself to be included. We start with a messy kitchen of herbs and we end with a messy kitchen of herbs. Continue being who you are and listening to the guidance that inspires you and gets you through each day. It’s time to come out of your cave of persecution and freely express how magical you really are. The time of letting the crowd dictate your next move is over. You have the protection of the elders, angels, and holy ones as you move forward with your truth and what brings you joy. So mote it be.

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