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“Who Am I?” - First House Exploration

Let's take a closer look into the first house, the mirror into self. This is the house of your identity and it is argued by many astrologers that it is the most important house because it coincides with the ascendant. The ascendent is also known as the rising sign.

The rising sign is determined by which hour and minute of the day you are born, and this is why astrologers cannot properly look into your chart without this precious piece of information. The rising sign and first house is where all of the other planets and signs in your chart get funneled out of, meaning each other part of your chart is colored by the fundamentals of the first house. This house contains the outlook and approach you will have in life. For example, an Aries sun with a rising in Aquarius has a different way of applying the Aries principles out in life than an Aries sun with a Leo rising. They will both be highly individualistic but the Aqua rising will tend to go against the grain and require isolation while the Leo rising will want more validation from others for their individualistic characteristics.

You will notice the qualities of the first house are developed early in childhood as it refers to the beginning stage of life. It is the developing personality, how you feel comfortable in the outer world and what qualities you use to define yourself. You can also relate this house to the ego which governs the way we want to be seen to others and our personal style.

To offer you a few more clues let's look at what each element expressed in the first house requires. Air first housers will need a lot of communication and avenues to talk, write and intellectualize who they are in the world. Fire signs need to explore with many trials and errors, travel and take major risks to deepen their innerstanding of self. Water will need emotional support, safe spaces to rest as well as let out all their emotions without criticism or judgment. And earth first housers will need commitment, long term stability and routine which helps bring out the best of them.

As a takeaway this is a great place to start in fully understanding a chart and yourself. It opens the path to inner and outer exploration. Take the deep dive with me if you would like to gain some more keys into your own chart, you can find my readings on

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