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Which Element Governs Your Life?

Prakruti, one's natural state of wholeness, is determined upon conception. It's based on many factors, including the parent's state of being at that time. It consists of 3 basic qualities, attributes (called Gunas) and they are: Sattva - the principle of light, harmony, balance, intelligence, and perception Rajas - the principle of energy, being active, emotions, and chaos. Tamas - the principle of inertia, the darkness, state of dullness, and resistance. Our doshas dance with the Gunas and our goal is to maintain them in the Sattva (light) vibration. The 3 basic Dosha types are Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Our lives are ruled by these 3 and we strive to balance them and harmonize with nature. Most of us are blessed a dual dosha. Once we can deduce our original constitution, we can then begin to examine the dis-ease and how to balance. Which one sounds like you? VATA - thin, lean, dry skin, dry hair, tend to have small eyes, low appetite, prone to constipation, very active - physically and mentally, insomnia or scant sleep, fast speech. Adjust easy to change, and may be indecisive, often worry too much and have a nervous nature. They are the wind element and the primary dosha. Like air, they are motion. Tend to be artists, creators, often daydreaming and the mind goes a mile a minute. VATA qualitites - light, quick, cold, subtle, dry, changeable, mobile PITTA - moderate frame, moderate weight, soft or oily skin, hair is also soft and oily, sharp eyes, great appetite, easy eliminations, excessive thirst, loves competition, sleep is sound, speech is sharp and clear, tend to have freckles, they are the fire element so they are always warm, heated in all aspects. Pitta means "the power of digestion". Tend to be athletes, leaders, managers, anything business type. PITTA qualitites - hot, oily, sharp, intense, acidic/sour; related to the color red. KAPHA - large frame, heavy, thick oily hair, big eyes, slight thirst, elimination is slow, activity is low to lethargic, mind is calm and slow, sleep is heavy and often prolonged, and they speak slowly. They are the earth and water element, and refers to the power of cohesion. Tend to be the nurturers, the supporters, like teachers, counselors, doctors, nurses. KAPHA qualitites - slow, heavy, static, dense, moist, wet, unctuous, oily Once we know Dosha, we can then assess our Vikruti, our imbalance. Book an Ayurvedic Assessment with Lyz the Inner G to discover your dosha type.

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