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“What Do I Own?” - Second House Exploration

Let's get straight into the second house, the house of your possessions. What do you have in this world that you can call yours. The material things, values, your body, even your ability to work and your feelings are all yours in this lifetime. All of these things that you want or have need maintenance, and this is the house that shows you how to best keep up with all that you desire.

The second house gives you the most clues on what will make you happy in this lifetime and how you should approach working for those things. If you figure out your personal value system and stick to it, you will never feel empty. Your values are defined within this house, and to be full with life you have to stay true to who you are. Yes, all of us want money! This is also the house of finances because we accumulate currency in this lifetime, but remember it's not all about the money, you may have a lot of time on your hands and this is also a second house blessing. You can compromise your true values in the hopes for more financial gain but this may end in suffering.

This house is pretty straightforward because the second sign of the zodiac is Taurus so naturally this house has a lot of similarities to that sign, even if the sign that is paired to YOUR natal second house is something different. This Taurean association shows us we have a slow and steady speed associated with building true wealth in our earthly world, like the bull we can be easily agitated if we are living without these possessions but it all comes when we align with divine time.

This house also begs the journaling prompt “What are your loyalties?” Ask yourself as you contemplate on what this house in your chart is trying to unlock for you. And keep this in mind, even if you have no planets in this house, you can still learn from the sign associated with it as well as that sign's ruling planet. Book a session with me to figure out what your own personal value system is in this lifetime

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