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Weekly Tarot Reading "11:11 Portal With Jupiter in Pisces Energy"

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I am using the Sirian Starseed Tarot deck and the Beyond Lemuria Oracle deck. Since Jupiter has retrograded back into pisces one more time before returning in 12 years this is the best time to reconnect with the inter dimensional higher self and really communicate with your ancestors in the stars.

New information is coming down from the higher self today with help from the 11:11 portal. You are being asked at this time to connect to your Star Chakra. To connect with this chakra you first need to balance the mind and open your crown chakra. If you feel out of alignment, check yourself and see what feels off. Are you having financial issues, love issues, family issues, etc… If these problems that you have been worrying about are keeping you from connecting to the star chakra then you can start changing your frequency with sounds, smells, and visuals that will assist you in becoming centered.

Here is a playlist to assist with this:

Or if you are aware of your frequency and in balance with your higher self you can watch and listen to this video to assist you with connecting to your Star Chakra:

We see a couple of the same cards as last week come into this reading and they both have to do with the heart and the heart chakra. This is us transitioning into Christ consciousness. It’s the middle switch in the body that allows us that connection with the universe. It helps release karmic patterns that weigh us down to the 3D Earth. Once you begin balancing and opening this chakra you will begin to heal yourself allowing all of the heavy energy around you to fall away so that you can be more in alignment with your 5D Higher Dimensional Self.

So while communication in the 3D could be a bit difficult today with the Mars retrograde, Sun and Mercury Conjunct there is an opening with the 11:11 portal or matrix construct to connect to a long line of higher consciousness beings that are your ancestors. Take some time today to give love and care to yourself to quiet your mind and connect with your higher self today. The messages you receive will be of tremendous use in the coming week, month or year!

Here is this week's energy music playlist:

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