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Walking On Eggshells Can Prohibit Growth

Written By Heather Bordelean 8/21/2022

Do you ever want to speak your mind or tell someone how they make you feel?

I feel like the way society has progressed we have more arguments in our head than where they really need to be heard. I, as an Aquarius, want to logically share my point of view but my Pisces moon intuitively tells me what will happen if I do. “You’ll hurt someone's feelings” or “You’ll ruin the mood of the room”. So I hold back from fully expressing myself because I’m in front of an audience that I either don’t belong in or the audience in front of me is the devil card holding my mind against its will because I worry to much about the outcome of my truth and choice of words.

I understand compassion and I think if used when expressing your truth it could help others understand where you stand. But, you should always make it clear where you stand. You should never dim your light in fear of retribution. So many things are left unsaid for the sake of shattering someone's ego. It’s unhealthy to not talk about how you feel. It’s unhealthy for someone else to say that how you feel is wrong or a lie. Communicate. Release the inner chit chat that will eventually make you lose your mind or pop while spewing weeks, months, or years of being held in oxygen causing unimaginable and sometimes irreparable damage.

Who has Aries in their 10th house (Cancer Risings)? This could be one of the hardest times for you. Jupiter wants to help you express your truth and self expression on a LARGE scale. This can affect your reputation, your career, and your public image. Jupiter in Aries may make you feel like a balloon just ready to pop if you aren’t speaking as your authentic self. If you don’t take the risk of authenticity in your career you will always feel like you are walking on eggshells in front of your audience. You will never know what it’s like being in front of an audience, co-workers, and a society that really gets you and what your heart and higher self want to portray to the world. I thought Aries in my 6th house was hard but you 10th house Aries are really going through a major transformation right now. You are the future leaders and I hope your business and communities are run by truth and I hope you escape the chains society has placed on you so that you may lead others to do the same.

I have learned to approach a situation the moment it makes me feel uncomfortable. But, the source isn’t always someone else. Sometimes I recognize the way I’m triggered isn’t always someone else’s fault but my own inability to heal and let go of ideas, emotions, and thoughts that I can’t control. I may have felt in the past that I have to control the outcome of every decision I make or others make. Especially if it has to do with me. The biggest lesson of Jupiter in Aries for me regardless of what house it is in is to be the fool and just let the energy go where it wants to go. Don’t try to control who you are or you’ll constantly be fighting a battle with your own mental energy. Having a constant war inside your head. Trust that you and those around you can handle any and all situations however they may present themselves.

Speak your truth, let them speak their truth. After that the energy will go where it needs to go. Stop worrying about walking on eggshells. This is your life and you deserve to clear your mind in any way that works for you. Remember to use compassion for yourself and others but don’t hold back the essence of who you are.

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