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Venus In Aries-The Love Warrior

Welcome to Venus in Aries! Where self love is king and all of our hearts are in our genitals. But seriously, Venus in Aries is an interesting placement for Venus to be in. In astrology Mars and Venus are opposing planetary energies, Mars as a planet represents instinct, drive, violence, severing, burning, aggression and what or whom we "conquer". Venus is a planet that is about desire, pleasure, cleanliness and attraction. Mars is said to be a malefic and Venus a benefic. Which basically just means that Mars likes to fuck shit up and say no and Venus leans into what feels good and says yes. When Venus comes into the Mars ruled sign of Aries she is fierce, charismatic and independent. While Venus is in Aries you can expect to see some conflict in relationships, but I personally see this as an excellent time to slow down in conflict and soften towards ourselves and in turn diffuse a situation with another. Self love can be a big theme during this time and attracting and manifesting your own goals instead of turning that sweet energy outward. Sex drive thrives during this time whether you are with a partner or giving yourself your own lovin'. Aries is a sign that represents emergence out of the cold barren seasons and gives life and energy to the new. So depending on where Aries is in your chart, you can expect some impulse buying. New goals and manifestations are expected to start popping up as well as new romance or at the very least you may casually date and shy away from commitment at this time, the chase and passion is much more exciting! Venus in Aries is the Love warrior, so in relationships with others you won't see or experience a lot of sugar coating at this time, blunt honesty delivered out of good intention may stir up arguments and hurt feelings but depending on the source it may be something that can really help you break through a rut you've been stuck in.

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