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Understanding Basic Plant Energetics

“When working with plants, awareness of energetics is key! Energy Tip! Whether you are burning or spraying sage, palo santo, rosemary or any other plant of your choosing. Prior to cleaning a space or anyone else, clear yourself first! Otherwise it’s like cleaning dishes with a greasy sponge! Clear your head, shoulders, hands, body and feet, and also the 7 main chakras. Use masculine plant energies like sage, rosemary, tobacco, etc to clear the masculine flow of energy, that which flows to the right (counterclockwise). For the feminine energy, to the left (clockwise), Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, Sandalwood, Rose, Lavender, etc work well to sweeten and soften the energy. Tree resins, can often times embody both energetics of the masculine and feminine, such as copal and dragon’s blood. Using your intuition, you can sense which of the masculine or feminine energies need to be balanced, sometimes both. This allows for a beautiful purification/ clearing ritual.” —Nina, Spirit Tour guide

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