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This Week's Tarot Reading "Reversed In Retrograde"

To See With Full Clarity Before Taking The Leap.

With the Lovers and the Sun card in reverse you may have been feeling like you are having a hard time raising your vibration. This could be because you are around the wrong person or people and not receiving clarity in your relationships which could make you feel unstable and insecure. We see the chariot in reverse also meaning this situation isn’t allowing you to move forward. You may find yourself making a decision this week and the Universe is pushing you to take a leap of faith. Do it. Because staying stagnant where you are not appreciated is holding you back from your destined path. With the King of Shells there is going to be an expansion in your emotional intelligence as you learn to read the signs your higher self is sending you. This will give you the willpower to create harmony and balance by being honest with yourself and trusting that the Universe will catch you whether you jump or let go.

You are being called to release something or someone. Do not hold on to people who don’t provide clarity of who they really are. If you are constantly questioning your relationship then it is keeping you from your greatness. I am not saying every relationship is perfect but if there is no progress or growth it’s time to move away from stagnant and move towards personal evolution. With Neptune and Jupiter retrograde in Pisces the feelings are strong because the fantasy is being pulled back to show you the reality of your surroundings and how it affects your overall dreams and joy. If you move in the direction of your heart then you will be blessed with expansion in your love life and personal relationships when Jupiter moves direct.

Here Is This Week's Playlist:

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