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This Week's Tarot Card "King Of Pentacles"

How does it feel creating something from your mind and hands then seeing it all come to fruition?

It’s taken quite a while to get where you are today and that foundation is what holds you on your throne today. Be proud of what you built and don’t hide it from the world. You are the leader in whatever industry or profession you have been manifesting. The King of Pentacles like Taurus is resilient. You fought for what you wanted and no one can take that away from you. Expect to see the manifestations of your blood, sweat, and tears. Continue to enjoy what you built this week and be in your joy where no one can touch you. And, while it may have seemed lonely getting to where you are now you will really feel the support in all realms you vibrate and resonate with. Your kingdom is inter-dimensional. It always was. You always had that unseen support and it’s time for you to believe this fully while stepping into the leadership role of the kingdom you built.

King of Pentacles Playlist:

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