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Third House "What do you want to say"

Third house is representative of the toddler stage in our human lives. We want to explore and are learning how to communicate so we want to talk to as many people as possible and feel a part of the community around us. Our first community is usually our siblings or cousins, then this extends to our classmates, friends and neighbors. Knowing the sign and its planetary ruler will teach you a lot of how you want to express your thoughts with others and even what you would like to receive back from your community.

This house is not particularly deep in nature, it is more about quick witted conversations and trips. You can see it as who you are on a blind date, just getting to know someone on the surface. Also keep in mind your community is anywhere you can travel to without a plane or boat, so places you can walk to, bike too and drive too.

This house contains a part of your overall message for the world so it is important you spend time practicing speaking all the things that are on your mind. If you are a naturally quiet and shy individual check this house out in your chart and see what aspects other planets make to it. Remember your chart is not meant to define you but give you a blueprint to finding your truest self.

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