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The Power of your Birthstone

Your birthstone is more significant than you realize, and can assist you in diverse areas of life, whether you go by your birth month or the stone linked to your zodiac sign.

Example: you were born in July which makes Ruby your birth stone by month. You are a Leo and peridot is a birthstone for Leo. Being Born January makes Garnet the stone for the month, but Amethyst is also a stone for not only Pisces but Aquarius too. It's important to understand how powerful and protective your birthstone is and the different types of benefits, healing properties and metaphysical uses. Turquoise is known to connect you to the spirit world. Opals strengthens your mystical and physic visions. Garnet is great for sexual confidence and abilities. Once you have better understanding of how powerful your birthstone is, look into to getting a necklace, bracelet, earrings etc. to have that physical bond and connection to the stone. It's okay if you decide to go with more than one and want to use both your month and zodiac sign stone. Take some time and learn about the history, healing powers, the spiritual meaning and the protective significance to your birthstone.

Here is a list of Birthstones to the month:

December – Turquoise

November –Citrine

October – Opal

September – Sapphire

August – Peridot

July – Ruby

June – Pearl

May – Emerald

April – Diamond

March – Aquamarine

February – Amethyst

January – Garnet

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