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The Power Of Rose

In my journey of working with plants, I definitely have my favorites, today we will be talking about Rose and some of my experiences with her not only as a medicinal healer but also how she and I have interacted on a spirit level. I have always loved roses, they smell amazing, they come in so many colors (including the classic crimson red) and just being in Rose's presence just calms the soul. Rose is a powerful anti inflammatory, she moistens and cools. This is not just felt when you brew a cup of her tea or smell her and she cools emotions but she also can be great with soothing irritation on the skin. Not only does she sooth but she also protects! Rose is a great antibacterial so she cleanses and purifies, she helps things to get moving especially in the digestive system and for those that have a menstrual cycle she helps regulate flow. All of these benefits you can also call on her help if you are feeling sluggish and depressed, Rose is literally the highest vibrational thing on this planet vibrating at a frequency of 320 MHz so you can imagine even simple meditations done while holding her are extremely enlightening. Some people have even reported feeling high after ingesting Rose. One of my favorite ways to use Rose is actually in aromatherapy to soothe and help me wind down after a long day, so I put a couple of drops on my pillow and I'm out within a few minutes. Also when I'm going out I'll often dab a few drops of rose oil on the nape of my neck at the base of my skull and on my third eye and feet to help not only protect me from negative energies that may be trying to attach themselves to me as I'm going through out the day, and also as a boost to my intuition to be able to recognize when it's time to high tail it out of somewhere. Think of Rose's prickles (fun fact, roses don't have thorns, thorns are able to turn into branches. Rose instead has prickles.) they protect the flower and all that come to her for help. She is full of love and beautiful, but stare at her too long and you'll get poked. She's sweet but one tough plant ally!

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