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The Mastery Of Letting Go

I created this in an AI Generator using the words: Progression, Release, Letting Go, and Mastery. I call it:

The Mastery of Letting Go:

"In order to let go of the past you need to look towards creating a new future".

The blues waves that look like water are our emotions while the purple is intuition. Combining the two you display an emotional intelligence or mastery. Orange is the color of creativity and it's in front of the person who is clearing up their emotional puddles and looking towards creating something new.

~If you are having trouble getting rid of reoccurring thoughts, grief, and longing then it's time to work with the Heart Chakra. This chakra will give unconditional love to you and others allowing you to forgive yourself and elevating the heaviness that lays on your heart. With a strong Heart Chakra you become emotionally untouchable allowing you to be in control of how you react and feel in any given moment.~

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