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The maddness that is the Spiritual Awakening and the Peace found by embracing your shadow self

In this busy season of eclipses, super moons, solstices, it’s easy to get lost in a seemingly endless ocean of emotion. Waking up each morning having been brought face to face with new ideas, dreams that leave you questioning yourself, and downloads that seem to overwhelm the senses is nothing short of exhausting. This is true even of those who have been “awake, aware, tapped in or connected”. We all face these and by embracing them and exploring these hidden depths of ourselves we allow ourselves to close doors on old habits, pieces of our shadow self that no longer serve us, and teaches us to truly dance with our inner demons and make them allies instead of something we try to hide from.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out on your path, or you’ve been on your journey for awhile and are just needing to catch your breath and regain your bearings I am here for you.

Whether you’re looking to explore energy work, magick and it’s various paths, dream interpretation or guidance along your path you can rest assured that your time and trust will be well placed when you book a session with me to help you understand and expand your horizons. I‘ve been on my path for almost 35 years now and practicing my craft for almost 28 years. I can help with Guidance, spells, energy work, spirit connections, and more. Check out my list of available services at Make sure you check out the other great readers, spiritual experts, and astrologers while you’re at it.

Sending you all Bright Blessings and Shadow Kisses. May the universe bless you in all your endeavors -Storm Dancer

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