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The Diverse Tauruan Persona

Astrologically there are a variety of aspects that apply to the persona when dealing with each individual sign. Astrologers have been screaming you're not just your sun sign, well your not. In the Natal Chart your personality characteristics are also seen through the Rising sign (ascendant) and the moon as well. But for the sake of those still learning astrology and to celebrate and honor all the Taurus born with the Sun doing it's no bullshit on my Birthday dance 1 degree a day for the 30 days before knocking on Gemini door to party.

I want to point out a couple key words for each of the three Decans of Taurus.

1ST DECAN-Venus-

Sub Ruled by Taurus

0-10 degrees April 20 April 29

Charming devoted friends even tempered good memory

2ND DECAN-Mercury

Sub Ruled by Virgo

11-20 degrees April 30 May10th

Intuitive conservative strong and eloquent speaking and writing. Frank and


3RD DECAN-Saturn

Sub Ruled by Capricorn

21-30 degrees May 11th May 20

Driven and determined. Sensitive spontaneous imaginative fun loving reliable.

Taurus Sun and the moon sign at the time of a person birth will influence the

personality and mentality. Taurus with the 12 different moon literally expressed

Taurus in 12 different ways. Check out the different sun and moon combos thru

the Universal Healing Tso genius perspective

Taurus sun with Aries Moon: ♈

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Aries:


You are intense in your pursuit of a goal once you are clear that it is what you want. You seek it out directly. You set out to get your way and nothing, not even most scrupulous people, can stop you. They dare not even try. If you want it, then it is right. That is the nature of a Taurus-Aries. You could, theoretically, have destructive tendencies, but they are held back by your natural caution. If you can find a way to justify your self-interest, you can make allowances for others and compromise.

Controlling your own life path and being in charge of your destiny is what you really desire. You are basically a worldly person who wants to have a secure, comfortable and pleasurable life. Under your confident and controlled exterior, you are masking your irrationality and unruliness. To satisfy your desires you need to struggle. You have some strong desires and you must work very hard. Yes, you might be caring, polite and gentle to people, but you are your own main concern. Your basic nature is one of being determined and controlled. You do not think of spiritual issues. You take an inventory of what you have and after that you proceed to collect everything possible and acquire all the power and status you can. As with many things, anxiety and hostility can be dealt with through constructive means such as sports, including tennis, for example. This does not mean you should try to be more competitive though. A little competition is fine, but coming out on top is not the meaning of life. Go exploring for other realms such as the spiritual, psychological and academic. Find out what life is really about by expanding your perspectives. It is not merely about possessions. Do not let prejudice and impulsive behavior be your guide. Loosen up and open your mind and your heart to the others’ views and feelings. Furthermore, it is possible for you to achieve this because of your firmness and ability. You

have a great aptitude to persuade people of things and it comes naturally for you. Your presence

sometimes intimidates others. Temper is among the faults that can get in your way. Suppressing

feelings comes easily for most Taurians, but not for you. You sometimes quickly get angry and are subject to anxiety, neither of which can be ignored for long. Working together with others, being patient and tolerant are things you must learn.

Taurus Sun with Taurus Moon: ♉

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Taurus:


Your thought-out comments, although infrequent, are almost always heeded because of your

directness. You have an uncanny ability to be accurate, truthful and frank. Beneath your calm exterior you are totally confident and do not lack for ambition. Once you undertake something, you do not stop until it is clear to all that you have mastered it to your own satisfaction. Bumps in the road are dealt with in a calm and patient fashion and you are not moved if you encounter a roadblock. Your self-respect translates into respect from others. You have a built-in self confidence but are real about it and that presence speaks volumes. You know you have ability and there is no need to broadcast it.

Even though you are skeptical about things that are not one of them, your worldly success is

guaranteed by confidence, but also your patience. If anyone mistakes you for being slow, they are

fooling themselves. Your distaste for the superficial and trivial make you seem antisocial, but you are just a good observer. Your ultimate place in the scheme of life is to be your own boss and this will happen slowly but surely. You love to have a lot of responsibility and you gain great joy and purpose in life from your work. Open expression of your feelings is also suggested as a release valve. Talking about your feelings and not being so inhibited does not mean that we should never be controlled in our approach. But everyone needs to let go sometimes. Common sense is also one of your good qualities and this results in a practical and easy solution to many of the dilemmas in life that baffle people sometimes. Occasionally everyone gets fed up and this is true of you as well, especially relative to your friends’ faults. Complete determination and dedication are the only ways you know in terms of approaching a challenge. It is likely that you feel a connection with nature because both of your signs are earth signs. You are satisfied living most places, but you are a natural type person and you would, at the very least, need to visit natural areas for peace of mind. Like most Taurus people, you almost never get angry, but this is sometimes because you stuff your anger down.

Unfortunately, this can result in assorted psychological issues. Tension always needs to be released through positive avenues to release the steam.

Taurus Sun with Gemini Moon: ♊

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Gemini:


You need, in fact, to share your opinions and emotions with others and this means that you are a very sociable person who enjoys the company of others. The fascination with the world around you, oddly enough, is something you may actually be too aware of. You are a born problem solver. When a problem appears, you are ready to deal with it. This combination of signs is pragmatic, worldly and energetic from Taurus, and logical, adaptable and humorous from Gemini. There exists within you an intuitive vision that is excellent and you do not let things slip by you. Your acute observation skills allow you to recognize the fake and deceitful. The new and the exotic are among the things that catch your wide-ranging interests. It is not easy, however, for you to settle on something, whether it is a job, a romance or even a way of life, which permanently satisfies you. Popularity, in most cases, is guaranteed, however, a Taurus-Gemini has a charming and vibrant personality. The areas you know well enough to contribute to and provide innovations to are wide ranging. Psychology, because of your ability to analyze and understand things, is a possible profession. Sigmund Freud, the founder of modern psychology, was a Taurus-Gemini. In addition, technical professions, research or even being a writer are also very real possibilities.

Focus is what you need, because of your numerous opportunities. You are a bit moody and perhaps aggressive in your relationships. Your current projects are often left behind the minute you find something new. Errors and behavior patterns, in a somewhat childlike approach to the world, are often repeated and lessons learned slowly. Taking a close inventory of your past behavior and trying to discern when you have been at fault or gone wrong is a good idea. Instead of allowing impulses and momentary fancies to control your life, learn from the past. Even though you are a Taurus, you know how to release your emotions and express yourself. This can lead to some issues in your life. For example, you can be rebellious, find fault and stir up trouble. You can become a complainer if all you do is examineyour environment for the purpose of finding things that you do not like or want to change. This world is an imperfect place and to not realize that can bring nothing but disappointment.

Taurus Sun w/Cancer Moon:♋

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Cancer:


There is an insecurity and restraint about you too. This results in a person who shows an exterior that is stable, while internally there is insecurity. There is a gentle kindness in you that attracts others. You also have a charming and tactful nature to go with it. You realize that aggression does not work nearly as well as diplomacy. Handling people well is an inborn trait, as is your almost instant adaptability to situations. You seem to be on everyone’s side at the same time. You carry yourself with an air of confidence. You are controlled in your approach to life and this makes you seem secure. This combination has a Taurus side that is dedicated, motivated and sensual. The Cancer aspect shows sensitivity along with imagination. Caution is necessary if you do not want to lose your own identity in this process of trying to please everyone. As you move on in age, do not allow yourself to become self-satisfied and smug because a big part of you is easily satisfied with your life. Push yourself beyond what you see as your limitations and this will surely help round out your life. It would be a shame to waste your numerous strong points and talents. Creativity in design or architecture are places you can showcase your wonderful imagination and artistic talents. However, professions that provide more financial security because of your Moon in Cancer attract you. Undertaking a career that is a gamble is unlikely because it goes against your basic nature.

The Taurus powers of concentration and the Cancer Moon provide an ability to understand and

remember what you have learned. However, you also keep a ledger grounded in emotions such that you remember every insult, rejection, threat or other circumstance for a very long time. You pout in preference to discussing your feelings of hurt or anger. You can become a cynical and sluggish person if you experience a serious emotional setback in the form of rejection. Obviously, releasing negative feelings like anger is best for you and this means expressing them openly. Aggression is almost unknown to you because you are a peaceful person. Luckily, the vast majority of people respond to you kindly because you will probably not come to your own defense. Occasionally though, it is imperative to state your views.

Taurus Sun with Leo Moon: ♌

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Leo:


You care deeply about the less fortunate even though you have a runaway ego and your spirit is so three dimensional that you can make the most depressed people come alive. Your own self-respect translates into respect coming from others. Because you believe in yourself and have confidence, you want to show others how valuing themselves can help them. You are uniquely outgoing and have a powerful character; probably more so than anyone you know. The admiration you get from others and the fact that they are in your social sphere is, you believe, something they are fortunate to share. You exude optimism and excitement even though you might be eccentric, self-righteous and opinionated. One thing you are not is boring. You see things for yourself and have an ambitious and independent character. You are not in

need of verification from others because of your belief in yourself. You stick to things and that

includes your opinions. Intuition is often your guide, but it is generally correct.

If you have decided on something, you refuse to change your mind. This can lead to inflexibility if you are not careful. An effort to keep an open mind is required. Your Judgment and actions must not be impaired by prejudices. Open your ears and listen to others. Attempt to be a little more humble and restrain your pride. In addition you are very practical. Fun for you entails at least a measure of showmanship and drama. This can take the most mundane activity and turn it into a Broadway play. Being noticed is the name of the game and you behave accordingly, replete with dress and the appropriate actions. While you have an inborn feeling of superiority, you are, at the same time, very compassionate, kind and generous to others. You have a lot of determination and the motivation to follow through and reach your goals, because both your sun and

moon signs are fixed. Compromising is another matter, and that is very difficult for you. Plainly put, it is your way or no way. Frustration brings your temper to a boil when you do not get what you want. Cooperation is always helpful, no matter how independent you are. A sense of conviviality when you work can bring out the tremendous creative power within you. And Taurus-Leo definitely has the potential for great innovation. There is a born show person in you and you love to utilize it.

Taurus Sun with Virgo Moon: ♍

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Virgo:

Practical Experience

You have a worldly mental framework that is filled with wisdom and experience. This means that

others frequently want you to advise them because you are so good at it. Unfailingly, your counsel is logical and thought out well. It is based on logical principles combined with pragmatism. You have an acute method of thinking that can analyze and penetrate to the core of issues. You can readily put your plans into action because you are a perfectionist who insists on preciseness in quality. Taurus-Virgo individuals are superb planners. You are smooth and easy going in all things. You have a character that is even-tempered and self-confident.

Your dedication and ability to use the resources at hand mean others admire you and they are drawn to you. The result is that you have a clear path through life stemming from your significant balance of pragmatism and dedication to the tasks you face. Plainly put, you know what you are doing. Wasting your time on fantasies or daydreams is not something you do. Simply contemplating action does not work. You would rather act on your ideas, seeing that as the only way to accomplish your goals. You are a supremely serene person and recognize that life is not always smooth sailing. You ride the waves and never get upset with the routine workings of events. You easily move beyond the few barriers that life puts in your way because you are a determined person with a lot of self-control. Passivity will only lead to lethargy and laziness. Big responsibility and stiff competition are where you are at your very best. Management and administration are quite suited to your character. Verbally, you are well

spoken, extremely persuasive and destined to produce results. Organization and long term planning are among your numerous abilities. If there is a weakness in this area, it would be a lack of imagination and creativity. Self-satisfaction is one of the few challenges you will face. Coupled with this is the fact that you might sit by and observe the world and all its problems and be tempted to not use your strength to accomplish what you are capable of. Who you associate with can have an influence on your life choices and that only increases the temptation to be complacent. You need to be alive and active in your surroundings.

Taurus Sun with Libra Moon:♎

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Libra:

Good Guy

People are drawn to your charismatic personality, worldly common sense and sensitivity. Respect and equality are things that you give to all. Your signs show a just and fair individual on the Libra side and a wise person on the Taurus side. All TaurusLibra people are thought of as being kind and decent. If you have difficulties, often the best way for you to handle them is by relaxing in natural surroundings. A beguiling and an even-tempered person is the result of this double Venus sign combination. There is a special calmness about you that suggests serenity as well as peace. Stress and anxiety are essentially unknown to you and this results in an elegant and extroverted personal magnetism. Hidden behind the smile is an uneasy tension. Socializing is of great significance to you because, as a native of the Moon in Libra, your vision of yourself is a result of how others perceive you. Fresh air and a country environment are just what you need when the tension and confusion of life become overwhelming. Due to your low threshold for tension, you require more relaxation and recreation than most people. Your peer group has a significant influence on you, so it is very helpful to befriend those who work at success and fulfillment. Virgo and Capricorns are known for being ambitious types and being around them would be great. Stick to your goals and objectives and do not take the easy way out.

You have a fantastic imagination and are very talented. Design, drama, and of the arts are real

possibilities for excelling. Endless diversionary activities and entertainment are needed because you have an internal uneasiness that keeps you on the move. The problem is that you do not have a good sense of direction in this regard. You need to establish priorities and goals that you stick to. The easygoing and pleasurable are your preference over the stress and tension in the modern and competitive world. This is true of all those ruled by Venus, but eliminating the challenging also diminishes the rewards. Your urge for the easy life often wins out over true self-fulfillment and the fact that you are determined enough and lucky enough to be successful at almost anything. A more assertive mindset is needed if you want to be successful in your profession.

Taurus Sun with Scorpio Moon:♏

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Scorpio:


When you were young, you were probably an explorer, investigating your surroundings because you are a courageous and sensual mixture. Over the years, a feeling of incertitude began to influence you and you became lethargic. Expressing your feelings is somewhat difficult for you. You have a powerful need to let go of your passions at times, but you fear that if you do, they would become all consuming.

You are a very sober minded individual even by Taurus standards. Everything around you is viewed with an acute and gravely serious eye. You are a loner and do not want others involved too much in your life, because you are mistrustful and tightlipped. There is a high level of suspicion in you and this can reach paranoid levels when you start thinking that others have a plot against you. You walk around at times as though there was a very serious and dire concern on your mind. You have a profoundly negative view of humanity and virtually smirk when you read something unfortunate in the newspaper that confirms your notion that our planet is evil.

Essentially, you try to conceal your inner being. There are a handful of manifestations that result from stifling your emotions. Application of your energy can be utilized in numerous areas. You have a wonderfully creative vision and art, either as an avocation or even a profession, is possible. In the realm of business you are very clever and can be successful there too.

Furthermore, you can spot misrepresentation and shallowness because of your excellent intuition. As with most Taurus people, you have an emphatic personality that makes you known and frequently dreaded. Going about your life in a contemptuous, sulking fashion and being fundamentally inarticulate can be the result. Another possibility is that you become tempestuous and turn to damaging habits. There is a prospect that you will take out your belligerency on others. These things are only possibilities. Release is important and that means being more

believing, as well as expressing yourself without censorship. Opening up to others is not something to fear because you are a friendly, giving person who can be forthright with others. Having made a decision, you have a great deal of self-command and resoluteness along with the ability to surmount most problems or obstacles.

Taurus Sun w/Sagittarius Moon:♐

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Sagittarius: High Roller

Originality and exotica are among your wide-ranging interests. You have difficulty finding things that hold your interest. Your indecisiveness includes nearly everything from a spouse or job. You are ready to leave for greener pastures the minute boredom sets in, and that usually happens fast. This, unfortunately, negatively impacts your goals. Both signs of this combination are spring signs, so you never lose your fresh and youthful appearance. Making the same mistakes repeatedly is often a pattern for you. You always have an answer to an issue or quandary the moment it arises. The mixture here is of Gemini who has a logical, adaptable and witty character and a Taurus who is pragmatic, energetic and temporal. Very little goes unnoticed by you because you are very discerning and observant. The born detective in you can see a deceitful person almost right away. You search your environment out of a deep inner uneasiness. An assessment of your past actions would be a wise idea. Do not be governed by impulses of the moment, but rather base your decisions and behavior on what you have learned from the past.

You are, in spite of being a Taurus, very expressive and do not hold in your emotions. Almost any area of endeavor would benefit from your numerous talents, which you can apply so realistically. Sigmund Freud, a Taurus Gemini combination, shows the ability to be a detective of sorts. His analytic ability is one you have as well, and consequently publishing, research or technological professions could be for you. Because you will probably have so many opportunities, your main concern might be on narrowing down your choices. You are a bit moody and somewhat belligerent in your relationships. You need a place to share your thoughts and emotions socially

because communication is one of your basic outlets. You seem, on a more critical note, to be a little too aware of the macrocosm around you. You are also a bit of a troublemaker and faultfinder. It disturbs you if things do not hold up to careful examination because you are in search of perfection both in others as well as yourself. If you do not find it, you are critical, disenchanted and a bore. The Taurus Gemini combination is generally outgoing and has a vibrant nature that guarantees true popularity.

Taurus Sun w/ Capricorn Moon:♑

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Capricorn: Nervous Nellie

You do not allow your personal doubt and worry to take over, but it is there in spite of your many

strong points. This can keep you from putting your talents to good use. The things you are probably most fearful of are being poor and losing control. Your strong need for security combined with your need for material things, can easily rule your life. This is quite unnecessary because you are able to take care of everything you desire and you have the power to do that. Consequently, your worries are unfounded. You are a calm person who is kind hearted, sensual and a fun loving spirit like most Taurus individuals. However there is a strong purpose and strength in your attractive appeal. You know where you are headed and that is your purpose in life. You are very witty and can add joy to any conversation. Unfortunately way deep inside of you is a sadness that almost never comes to the surface. Leading a more spontaneous life would help you to rid yourself of your fears. What you really want is inside you and not in mutual funds, bank accounts or a house. Your varied and appreciated talents and abilities are what you should value. Becoming psychoneurotic and tyrannical can result from frustration in a Taurus-Capricorn.

The most serious example of such a maladjusted individual was Adolph Hitler. Saying what you feel is not something you should fear. It is better to deal with stress or aggression honestly and openly. You can easily turn this problem around because you are capable of great organizational feats in this area and others. As a Taurus-Capricorn, you might want to concentrate more on some of your artistic abilities such as music. Your personality is also absolutely

charming and that is an asset. You are able to deal with the most difficult types of people because of your very persuasive nature being such an advantage. You have good common sense coupled with stability and wisdom and this draws people to you for advice. You stand fast with your friends. You are truehearted and giving. Feelings of frustration and anger are often bottled up in you because you hold on to them rather than release them. Talking about these buried emotions can help prevent problems later, such as depressive disorder, anxiousness, paranoia and other psychological issues.

Taurus Sun w/ Aquarius Moon:♒

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Aquarius: Reactionary

Adaptability and originality moderate everything that you approach. You have a hard time making

firm emotional ties with others. You try to stay uninvolved and objective about everything all the time so you can have a front of being different than others. You are never considered as self-important because you are kind, generous and thoughtful to others. You might feel that you have a special purpose in life like other Taurus-Aquarians do. You look almost like a visionary or prophet and seem to have a special soul. This look is in addition to your Taurus look of the strong, determined and sensual type. You do not merely dream of doing things. You do them. You know yourself well because of self-contemplation, so you are able to communicate well with others. It is a situation of the proverbial “Know Thyself” that was made famous bySocrates and others. Psychology, sociology and politics are just a few of the many areas where your solid knowledge of your own essence can be applied. Social scientists as well as members of

the scientific community at large have individuals of this combination. You generally work inside the system because you are, in reality, a mainstream person at heart, even though you see yourself as a maverick. For the most part this is kind of a pragmatic decision because it works as a rule.

Before undertaking a project of any kind, you have a tendency to do things like take care of monetary resources, because you are ever security conscious like most Taurus people. A gift or legacy to the human race is actually something many TaurusAquarius people worry about and hope to accomplish. Examples of this going badly, are Nikolai Lenin and Machiavelli. You are very flexible and accepting of your romantic partner in spite of being a bit possessive. You are inventive and imaginative in your love life as with life in general. You tend to have a large sense of your own importance because both of your signs are fixed and this means you are determined and confident. When things do not go as you planned, you can become temperamental and difficult, because of your fixed sign aspect. Angry explosions are possible and often irregular and uncalled for, even though you put forward this appearance of being in command most of the time.

Taurus Sun with Pisces Moon: ♓

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Pisces:

Shy Person

Your sensitive nature pertaining to stressful states of affairs means it is hard for you to learn from others even though you are very capable. Your persona is goal-directed, courageous and abiding, but you find it extremely difficult to live up to that perspective. You are tempted to bury your head in the sand when people actually expect you to live up to that view of you. This is because you have a fear of failure. The first thing to Learn to accept yourself. You have a gentle approach to life for a Taurus, but a great deal of depth. You are gentle and this combination wins admiration. The spiritual and artistic are in your realm and you are the most imaginative of all the Taurus combinations. This is an interesting combination of the tender and poetic inspiration of a Pisces along with the experience and wisdom of the Taurus. The thought of hurting others are painful to you. Your primary challenge in life will be to overcome your self consciousness. You should see it as an asset that you have such a sensitive emotional nature and

develop a compassion for yourself. Disapproval and frustration with yourself will not do any good.

Choosing your friends is quite important because you are a highly malleable person who is easily influenced. Romantic areas make this all the more the case because it would be unfortunate to be dominated by a highly aggressive individual who insists on pushing you around. Long-term happiness is quite important and the Taurus-Pisces woman should be especially careful about marrying too young. Be certain that whomever you marry can understand your sensitive, kind and gentle being and treat you accordingly. Lastly, leave fantasyland behind and take a journey to the real world. Open up and communicate freely with those around you in order to release your smothered feeling. You have so much to offer, why keep it inside yourself? Self-renewal is always available to you and you have the usual perseverance of a Taurus. Faith is renewing for natives of the Pisces Moon and they can acquire strength that way. Rather than denying your spiritualassets, improve them. A beautiful unfolding of your creative abilities will take place when you toss aside your prohibitions. A famous Taurus-Pisces native is Leonardo da Vinci. He is a remarkable artistic and spiritual person who exemplifies the possibilities of this combination.

♉ Taurus Sun and the Moon is only the beginning when looking into a piece of the soul psyche and mental insight of an individual Astrologically. The Sun and Moon are part a unique trine that is the grounding foundation to who a person is that allows other important dynamics of their personal natal chart. The natal/birth chart goes in much deeper and connects the Psyche and the mentality to actions and events that will happen throughout their lifetime. So remember Taurus Sun has a specific Moon in a zodiac sign that adds flavor and beauty to their Venus ruled individual essence. Next time we can indulge into the different Taurus Sun and Ascendant combination.

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