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The Crumbling

#ValentinesDay #Relationships #Tarot

This week may be difficult for some as they choose career and passion over partnerships. Some of you may have felt distant from your current soulmates and karmic partners lately. It’s not like you don’t love or enjoy your significant other’s presence anymore but your relationship has become more of a job and you find yourself sacrificing more of yourself to retain it. No more. On Valentine’s Day the Sun will conjunct Saturn showing you just how much more important your life’s work is rather than being in a relationship. You’ve made enough sacrifices but the crumbling is inevitable. No longer can you give away who you are and what you want to pursue in this life. You may go back and forth with this over the week especially with Venus Conjunct Neptune who still fantasizes about the relationship working. Sometimes, a fork appears in the road and you must decide to sacrifice your dreams or go for them. Sometimes, the people we love have to make hard decisions too. Try to think of the bigger picture this week as you make life altering decisions. This message is for someone or those who need to hear it. Not everyone needs to leave their significant others. Just those who have been feeling crushed under the pressure of being a good partner rather than pursuing their dreams and what they are passionate about. Be easy with yourself this week. The heart will heal.

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