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The Age Of Light “You’ve Been Training For This For A Lifetime”

Updated: Jan 13

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As we come into this new week we will be looking at how far we come and how much we have transformed and balance our energy centers. In the past we have had recurring negative thoughts, self restrictions and generational curses that we had to transcend in order to reclaim our divine light. Have you been seeing the number 144 a lot lately? That means the time is near to become a beacon of hope once again in this lifetime.You have reached an incredible plato in emotional intelligence and it’s time to take your place among the 144,000.You will be asked to observe the energies around you while acting with discernment and awareness. Not everyone can be saved especially when they aim to take your light away. You are being asked only to shine so that others can seek and find their own light. This is challenging as you are extremely empathic but like the angels you can only help when asked. This is because of free will. Allow everyone to learn what they came here to learn without interfering until they ask for assistance. When I say this I mean let them transcend their emotional trauma on their own. You and I both know how rewarding it is to overcome obstacles while finding ourselves in the process.When Jupiter enters Aries on the Winter Solstice December 21st and the Moon is in the 1st degree of Sagittarius it's time. Those who have confidence in themselves (True Gods) will get a head start before moving into Capricorn (Demi-Gods) on the 22nd of December. Trust your light. Don’t give into what they are trying to sell you.Have a wonderful Week light beings.Welcome to the Age of Light (Pre Age of Aquarius)

This Week's Playlist:

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