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Thank u Grandma! 👵🏿

Grandma never tell us but she always give the incentive it's a cold and wicked world. We see through her pain that you can’t hold on to anything. She has seen change 9 times over and just like a guide only want to lead her tribe into their best selves. She wants those to do the things she couldn’t do, to stir the magic she dreamed and was robbed away as a child! Picking her best option whether Christianity, Islam, or any Religion for that matter was her wae of committing. "And motherfucker you bet not say nothing cause grandma is always right and I’m acting this way to give you wisdom! So let me rest once I know it is possible and carried out through my chosen." Whether you see me aged, in pain, unhappy, or doing alright. You now know the consequences of choice.

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