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Take the Veil Off

If there are people in your life that won’t love & support you in front of certain company, you don’t need their love and support, period.

If there are people in your life that only appreciate you when you’re doing favors for them, you don’t need to do all that for them whenever they ask, focus on you instead.

If there are people in your life that only come around to use you and your good heart and use that to their advantage, don’t give them any more of your heart.

It’s important to evaluate the connections in your life and see how you might be giving yourself the short end of the stick by staying involved in these types of cycles with people that are supposed to be temporary.

The universe gives us only what we can handle & the universe didn’t want you to just succumb to poor treatment from people you’re giving so much to.

Choose yourself and the greater good of all and no harm done.

Sometimes people have to learn lessons on their own, so you have to figure out how much longer you want to be a pawn in their game.

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