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Surrender to your Solitude

Solitude should not act as your prison guard, nor should you treat it like the key keeper to the gates of your mental and physical freedom. A strong person would do more than look past the loneliness,

they would own into it like a partnership. People seem to focus more on escaping the solitude and dreading the thought and act of spending time alone, and shutter at the thought of doing it for long extended periods.

I think that a lot of people need to take that personal peace for them to gain that unconditional bond that allows them to rely during those times on themselves for emotional and mental retrospection. To dive deep within who they are to have clarity to who they perceive themselves to be in an honest and realistic perception. Its healthy for a person to strengthen their mental independence and sharpen that keen sense of self. Learning and striving to be an individual along with being your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy is a concept that a lot of people don’t consider when they are too busy trying to escape the fear loneliness. They replace freedom with fear because society has made a lot of loners in society feel outcast for being a non-conformist, and finding comfort in not following a pack of friends are seeking desperately to surround themselves with others out of the fear of being alone all the time.

Learning to be an individual and your own best companion instead of your own worst enemy is one of the greatest ways to promote self-love and confidence. The time spent in solitude allows for a recharge of your own energies and to unload the energies of others. You are able to connect to your creative side, get back in touch with your talents or passions you haven't made time for. Figure out what you want in life and make goals. People are able to process emotions in clear manner without the opinions or judgment of others. You don’t have to worry about people telling you how you should feel. We are so easily influenced by others in hidden ways not realizing that we take on what others feel and think before processing things for ourselves.

I can't stress enough about taking a break from others and getting to know and understand who you are before pairing off into a serious relationship. Knowing who you are and standing firm it in keeps you from losing yourself when in a relationship. "One must truly love them self before they can love another". In order to do that you must make time to know yourself. Solitude should not be looked at in horror but as a building block to sovereignty, originality and a time connecting to your soul sense of self and evolving the ego. Take those moments alone as a time or mental and emotional rejuvenation, and to know you won't be lost in the realms of others when your solid in who you are as an individual.

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