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Sun in Taurus ♉️ through thru houses

1st house: Self Supportive. This is you creating safety for you to be supported for your passions. The personal people in your life might try to give you “you’re all on your own energy” as if you the one that’s unstable. Make sure no one can put you in that space and take your time personally with your manifestations

2nd house: You gone paying attention to the people, places, and things you value. All the shapes and forms you’ve gained are going to be examples of if you need to value that specific person place or thing. Try not to compare too much others.

3rd house: This is valuing your surroundings or someone you’re familiar with may try to make you talk more than you like to at the moment like they deserve the conversation. They might try to make you communicate for the sense of communicating and you know damn well y’all wouldn’t need to communicate about it if it’s solid. Or you may be the one trying to communicate about what’s stable. This is the energy like supporting by not supporting

4th house: Opportunity to value home or private matters. People you care about might make you feel like you need to value what they care about or you only got what they need for them to feel supported in some wae. Make sure you care about what your supporting to that’s close to you that make you feel good with getting up and going to support what it is you want.

5th house: Learning to support what you entertain. Or you want others to value what you entertain or your creative expression or how you see something. You gotta learn everything not about fun sometimes it’s about being a stable support and enjoy the fun that wae. Let people have fun on your tab sometimes.

6th house: You gone have the gift to either worry or work on your values where it may give you a if it’s broke don’t fix it. Or this is valuing work you might just like the feeling of working to help calm your nerves and it gives you that sense of peace make sure you give value some things your want to help sustain.

7th house: Supporting relationships. You either want to support your partner more or and show up in a wae of balancing them out by your actions. Or just something you’re relating to in general either person place or thing. You might not want to communicate it actually you not communicating with your partner may feel a lot better to you. You may want to feel that trust in your relationship instead of someone needing that reassurance all the time

8th house: Supporting desires. You may be passionate about supporting your long term goals and desires. Aka not let them be so deep bring them to the surface and not give af. Just remember not to go to far with that they’re still secrets there.

9th house: Valuing Knowledge. So you may value knowledge or experience or something you like doing far as traveling as knowledge. To the point you have no words for nobody your mind might be already set when it comes to whatever your fixated in far as knowledge. Or this is you running away from things that’s secure so don’t compromise your situation learn how to be patient.

10th house: Standing on your value. You feel good with showing up if especially if it’s dealing with something you tryna uphold as a status. Just know when to not go too far with that know when you are and you ain’t shit. Bad example it’s like you going broke because everybody think you're rich and you’re not but you wanna uphold that. You don’t gotta be rich to stand on the value that Gods seas

11th house: Valuing your association: so your associations gonna come in handy the most they ever done. It might not be what you’d like this energy to come through but they’re gonna give you game that you need to learn what you need to know. That can be through someone on the internet, someone far out and unique.

12th house: Opportunity to support dreams. So you want to take the proper steps to support your dreams because you feel the energy there to do so. It may seem like the universe is reminding you through people, places, and things that you got it. So be open to messages and support from the unknown. Do things unknown to you but that correlate with your dreams.

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