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Starting Off Your Morning Right

So I wanted to pass on a life changing piece of advice that I hope helps someone else. I have recently come to terms with the fact that I am a high energy person masquerading as a laid back person, which many time manifest as me having excess energy that comes out as anxiety. However I was listening to a meditation on an app one day and they gave this advice. The way you start out your mornings is crucial, morning T.I.M.E is important. Morning Thankfulness, Insight, Meditation and Exercise, I started putting this into practice and I absolutely fell in love with the results. I would start of each day with listing 3 things I was grateful for and really feeling into those things, then I would listen to an educational video, podcast or audiobook and feed my mind since the gratitude fed my heart. I'd meditate for at least 10 minutes each day and feed my soul, finally I would exercise to feed the body. Automatically when I began doing this I felt more grounded throughout the day, more focused, more productive and less agitated through out my days. Going down this list each day took less than 2 hours depending on how long I exercised for but it had long standing effects, if you need help grounding, I suggest giving this method a try as well.

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