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Spiritual Survival Guide

Part One: Don’t Be Afraid

Welcome to the world of spirituality, mysticism, and divination. Whether starting out on your path or you’ve been walking it for a while I hope these guides find you well and help you drink deeper of the ocean of knowledge that awaits.

I have Disclaimer before I begin however, please remember your path is your own. There is not a singular being on this planet now or who has walked it before that will have your exact experiences, contributions, or take aways from what occurs on your souls journey. With this being said I remind you to take what resonates, leave what doesn’t, and always own your path as yours and yours alone.

Spiritual guides, whether here on this plain of existence or on another plain, will all most likely tell you the same thing. You are your own most powerful ally and enemy. You are your most powerful tool, and you alone can decide what you will do on your journey and how you will help or hinder others along the way. So I leave you with these words before I start writing some guiding points: Fear not the darkness that lies before you nor the darkness that lies behind for you are your own special light which will illuminate your journey, forging your own unique path which will be added to the tapestry of the divine experience and create a story that is as unique, beautiful, and perfectly imperfect as you are. You hold the keys to your destiny, don’t be afraid to brandish them as trophies and never ever let fear hold you back from foraging forward on your path. Own it.

Let us begin. For those who are just waking up to a technicolor world that is filled with beauty to be found in all things; light, dark, shadow, life, death, rebirth; know you are not alone. Your tribe is out there and with time you will find them.

As you take the first steps on your new path you will find you are drawn to certain ideals, thoughts, philosophical beliefs, and theological theories. You will also at some point question these things and begin to develop your own set of beliefs, feelings, and moral compass which may at times challenge previous held or taught thought patterns. This is part of life. Our generations are waking up faster and faster and finding their own truths with fewer pitfalls and for the most part less pressure to conform. All generations alive at this moment have those within its midst people who have and will challenge the way things are seen, disseminated, and expressed. We are moving further and further away from a world where things are being seen as just black and white, right and wrong. I am here to inform you that the world is filled with shades of grey and in those shades is where you will find the full spectrum of emotions, colors, thoughts, and practices that will be the foundation of what has the potential to be a better tomorrow for all of us.

Each day there are new discoveries made, new evidence which supports beliefs and ways of thinking/doing that have been advocated for yet pushed aside from the mainstream. We those who have gone before you thank you for letting us share our knowledge and help guide you on your journey.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, hopefully reading some questions and thoughts from you in the comments, and working together to do what needs to be done to ensure a brighter future for us all.

Let me take a moment to pause and remind not only myself, but all of you that each step we take and each brick we add to the fabric of our collective but singular journeys takes time. Each piece must be built, fine tuned, and then placed in the most optimal spot so that it has the biggest impact for those who come after us.

Simply allowing yourself to be open, embracing the journey before you, and letting go of fears and preconceived notions that will only slow your journey is the first step. I welcome you to your path, and extend my hand, heart and knowledge to help guide you so that you are well prepared to blaze forth on your own cosmic journey.

The first step has been taken, now it’s time to stand tall and to move boldly forward without fear.

The next article I will discuss some basic arsenals you can use to help further delineate your path and to allow you to explore different areas of the of both the exoteric and esoteric worlds around us.

Bright blessings and Shadow Kisses to all

Storm Dancer.

About the author: Brie aka Storm Dancer is a grey eclectic witch with shamanistic beliefs and omnistic views. She has been on her path since the age of six and has been blessed with access to spiritual knowledge and connections since her first incarnation. She prides herself on establishing non judgmental, honest, and open relationships with clients no matter their path choice. Her job is to guide you to finding alignment with your souls path purpose through the sharing of knowledge, use of divination, spiritual connection with different energies, magick, mediumship and channeling. All thoughts expressed in this article are hers and hers alone. She will never claim to be the only way or the only person who can provide you with guidance. Expertise include: various forms of divination, energy work/manipulation, magick work, spell casting, healing, and connections with/channeling energies from numerous realms/dimensions/frequencies. One of her more interesting areas of note is helping people connect with their past selves by identifying their souls origin. She additionally can assist with Past Life information.

Want to connect with Storm Dancer for a private session which will help you identify what path is currently calling you or what paths you’ve previously walked? Want help identifying abilities, guides, or need help with a spell? Or if you would rather sit and let the universe speak to you using her as your intermediary you can. You can book with her by following this link If you have questions about her process, the articles she’s written or you want to have a question answered you can submit it in the comments or email her at

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