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Spiritual Awakenings and your path

Imagine that you wake up one morning and feel off. You take inventory of yourself, look around the room for anything that can explain why you woke up feeling out of place in your own home. You remember bits and pieces of your dream, but beyond any concrete scene you just remember how alive you felt. You felt connected with everything, every fiber of the universe was responding to you and you to it. You take a deep breath sit up and. Get ready to face the day. The feeling of being out of place, feeling different, it does not subside as your day goes on. You notice patterns repeating, numbers like 111 or 555 showing up everywhere you go. You notice things that you simply didn’t have time or care to notice before, like the man sitting in the coffee shop who seems to be radiating sadness. You keep getting a nagging feeling in your stomach as you continue towards work. You decide to pull off to the side of the road and collect your thoughts. Within moments of putting the car in park a truck plows through the intersection and you were just about to drive through. You know that had you not pulled over you would have been squashed like a bug hitting a windshield. You take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves and notice the nagging feeling is suddenly gone. You say a silent prayer of thanks and resume your commute to work. Synchronicities continue throughout the day. When you arrive at home you take a few minutes to settle in before opening your laptop and beginning your research. You type in 111 repeating and find articles, videos, memes, even books dedicated to this subject. After spending some time browsing the subject you realize that you have experienced what thousands of others have before you, your spiritual awakening.

Awakenings don’t always happen this cut and dry, nor do they often happen so simply. In fact most of the time a person begins to wake up is during a period of adversity or trauma. It’s in those moments we are often grasping at something to help anchor our sense of sanity. However, in doing so we may become lost down a rabbit hole of what to do, how to explore, and who to trust on this new journey.

Much like Alice had to find her way in wonderland you too are seeking for people who have had similar experiences, who might have some insight into what it all means. You reach out to astrologers, psychics, energy workers ,magick workers and mentors. You find yourself in a world that embraces ideas that you had pushed aside because people laughed at them. You are finally stepping firmly into your new path of existence and without hesitation you dive in.

While not all spiritual journeys are rainbows and butterflies, you can decrease the shock to your system by connecting with people who have similar beliefs or who have had similar experiences. At the end of the day however it’s important to realize that it is your path and yours alone to walk.

Whether you’re just beginning or have been on your path for a bit and need help discerning what it is the universe wants from you or what path you should follow, there is someone to help you.

You can book a session with me, Storm Dancer here to help you find what your soul path and universal calling is or with any of the experts on the site. Each person is uniquely qualified to help you on this path of spiritual self discovery.

Sending you Bright blessings and Shadow Kisses

Storm Dancer

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