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Smells Like Protection

What are your favorite ways to protect? Do you burn sage, perform daily shielding and reiki? Or perhaps you keep protective crystals in your pockets, bag or bra. All of these are fabulous ways to protect your energetic field, but might I add a new protection option that I use in my daily life? This method is done EVERYDAY regardless of if I forget to perform my various other layers of shielding. Besides being an Astrologer and herbalist, I'm a perfumer, I love fragrance and how you can bottle all kinds of things such as feelings, memories and energy if you are conscious of intention. Even in the case of me using a fragrance that I myself didn't create I still infuse my protection intention with my knowledge of the plants that have lent their fragrance and spirit into the perfume to cast a cloak of protection. Obviously my favorite fragrances to do this with are my own but that's not even the best part! My tip for any one who is a fellow lover of fragrance is to get an oil perfume in a roller ball bottle and use this as a way of protecting yourself during application. In perfumery, placement of a fragrance is highly important for the best projection. The pulse points are the places where a fragrance can seep into the skin, warm and be pumped outward to others and yourself to smell. The best kept secret pulse point is the heart. What I like to do is ask my guides during meditation or right before applying the perfume, for a sigil of protection. I apply that sigil with the roller ball onto my heart so that not only can I smell my fragrance more intensely for an extended amount of time, but also now that sigil is fused into my very life force and being. You are literally pumping life into your protection sigil while also providing yourself with the aromatherapy effects of the perfume. It's practical and discreet.

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